Amazon: Kids’ Toy Organizer and Storage Bins $54.89 + Free Shipping

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I know that it’s common for people to go on an organizing spree when they’re spring cleaning, but for me, fall is the time when the organization bug hits me. Between school papers and books, summer toys that we’re done with for the year, or hats and mittens that I’m getting out in preparation for winter, there seems to be plenty to organize. So I was thrilled to see that Amazon has the #1 best-selling kids’ toy organizer and storage bins for only $54.99 plus free shipping.

toy organizer

This toy organizer is a must-have for any family. Use it in your garage to organize jump ropes, balls, sand toys, etc, or in your kids’ bedrooms to keep legos, Barbies, or even your kids’ own clothes and shoes straight. The bins are lightweight and slip in and out easily, so even the littlest hands can fill them (or empty them) with ease. This would also be good to have if you are the crafty type – use it to organize yarn, fabric, paint supplies – whatever seems to clutter your workspace.

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Your turn: What items in your home are you anxious to get organized?


  1. Laura says

    Aldi sells a similar organizer once or twice a year for $39.99 or so, if you can hold out until then. Not sure about the quality of that organizer vs. this one, but it looks very similar. Ours gave out (bought from Aldi) after about four years.

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