Open Mic 9/11/2014

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  1. Deb says

    Can any recommend any honest and affordable mechanic in the NW metro (Blaine, Coon Rapids, Anoka)? I need to have my brakes/brake pads replaced. Thank you.

    • Nancy says

      We have gone to Performance Muffler And Brake in Blaine for 20+ years. Very reliable and honest. They do all sorts of mechanical work, not just brakes and mufflers.(763) 515-8956. It is very close to Hwy 65 and Main St.

      • Deb says

        Nancy and Sak thanks for both of your suggestions. Nancy, I made an appt to Performance Muffler and Brake. Its just down the road from me. Big Thank You!!

    • SAK says

      We highly recommend a small shop called Roseville Auto Body – 81 Cleveland Avenue SW, New Brighton ( Very honest and great prices. Last year we checked w/ three garages when I broke the passenger side mirror. All others estimated around $350 ($225 for part, $100 labor), but this shop only charged $240 ($225 for part, $15 labor). It was a 10-15min job my husband didn’t want to tackle.

        • Bet says

          Me too! And they work 2 shifts, Monday through Friday, so your car will get done quickly. They will call late if your car is done, but we love this. Gets us back on the road faster!

    • Sue says

      I HIGHLY recommend Muffler Doctor in Lexington/Circle Pines. If you don’t need it, they aren’t going to fix it. They are fabulous. I have recommended them to friends and co-workers! They are right off Lake Drive-across from Walgreens and the DQ.

    • Joy says

      I is my husband’s birthday as well. My cousin was in the Pentagon on Sept 11, 2001. He still works there. As awful as the day was, it drove home how blessed we are as Americans. We can never forget.

    • Treev says

      I am happy for you to have such a blessing of a granddaughter today or any day of the year it is a day to be thankful! :) Wish her an extra special Happy Birthday; it probably is hard for her to share this date with history.

    • Mj says

      We should all be thankful how blessed we are to have our family with us. Looking at the trauma and condition people are facing around the world. it must be hard for the families who lost someone that day or any other day at any part of the world cause of any situations.

  2. Treev says

    Hey PYD crew I have a question. I saw an offer on for a free sample box of healthy snacks sent to your door. It asks for my credit card as it is one of those subscription things you need to cancel after your free box or you are charged for a monthly box.
    Have you heard about this site or business…is it legit? I would like to give it a try but wanted to make sure it is easy to cancel.

    • JoAnna says

      I have not heard of them but anytime I sign up for something like that I use a credit card type gift card as opposed to a real gift card.

    • Katie says

      I’ve been using Graze for about 4 months. I pay $6 every two weeks. You can get your first free one and cancel, or keep it going. It’s very easy to cancel – you do it directly on the website (so no need to call anyone). Give it a whirl! :)

    • lori says

      Treev, I tried it and I cancelled right away. No problem. They allow cancellation online so you don’t have to call and get a hard sell.

      BUT, once you taste some of those treats, you might not want to cancel! If I could afford it, I would have kept it.

  3. Treev says

    Thanks JoAnna…I never thought of that….that is a good idea! Now to remember to get one.
    Man I get to a point at times that I don’t know if I can keep up with all the sites, rewards, apps etc…etc…with little bits of saved money here and there…it is hard to keep track of.
    PYD should do a piece on how to keep it all straight. I do have a whole folder of sites, codes, rewards etc..etc…but even at that I still feel a little bit like I forget some things.

  4. Ella says

    Fish oil vs. cod liver oil. Is one better than the other? Is anyone willing to share why they decided to use one over the other? I’m hoping that it will improve memory, energy, and brain health. But there are so many brands to choose from. Can anyone recommend a brand? And where to purchase the product? Thanks


    • sara says

      I have gone to several trainings where the use of supplements regarding memory/attention have been discussed. Fish oils the 3-6-9 have proven research that it does help with memory/attention and a variety of other helpful aspects for overall health. The importance is that you need to get the 3-6-9. Many fish oils are just Omega 3′s. I have found them on Amazon or Target has the 3-6-9′s. Always though check with your primary doctor for recommendations.

      • sara says

        I also forgot to add their is a specific blood test that can be done and covered by most insurance plans to check omega levels. But again check with your primary doctor.

    • M says

      Always check with your doctor for their recommendation first! :) Personally, I use krill oil; it doesn’t have the fishy after-taste that fish oil can have (gross).

      • sara says

        They do make fish oil that specifically deals with the fish burp. Once you start taking it though for awhile the fish burp does go away.

  5. Rox says

    I was wondering how you know that sites are safe to put your credit card number on them.
    As example. I would like to order the sun glasses for 5.99 and free shipping .
    Is this site safe as long as it came recommended from pyd.

    • M says

      Carrie and the team seem to be very focused on providing the best so I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I bet they’ve checked it out a bunch to make sure links are legit.

      Going off of my web knowledge (some, but not as much as other web gurus), I would make sure that the page you are putting your credit card info into starts with https (it may have a security notice before you input information too, saying which company it is secured by). Regular http sites are not always protected but ones with the S at the end are secured.

    • Merlene says

      I would like to know too. I hate wasting money on products I don’t like. The last three lip glosses I tried were terrible. One was super sticky so I tried two colors of Wet n Wild Megalast because it was cheap. Tried the two colors on the back of my hand and it took a few days to scrub it off my hand. Even nail polish remover didn’t take it off so I was afraid to try it on my lips!

  6. Kathy says

    I have ordered it from Walter Drake and Carol Wright Gifts. I have not ordered in quite some time. The price is very reasonable.

  7. amyg says

    Physician’s Formula pHmatchmaker. One step, goes on glossy then tints but NOT obnoxious. It lasts 3-4 hours not all day (which I prefer). The best is the rectangular bottle comes with a mirror attached to it and the cap/wand has a button that you press and a light shines through the lid towards the wand end and makes it super easy to apply anywhere!! Check it out next time CVS does the Extra Bucks for buying P.F.

  8. Lisa says

    Any PYDers sell gently-used clothes to the new Style Encore in Eagan? If so, how do you think the money back compares to Clothes Mentor and/or Plato’s Closet? I’ve always got a bag or 2 of women’s stuff in my car that I want to try to sell before I donate it. TIA

  9. Sue says

    I neglected expiration dates on Walgreen’s RR. What is the latest on expired RR’s? Will Walgreen’s accept?
    I think Cub used to accept until 30 days after expiration? Does anyonelknow if they still accept Walgreen’s expired RR? Thanks!

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