Carrie Rocha: Public Speaker and Media Personality

Carrie Rocha 2013

Carrie Rocha is a sought-after public speaker and media personality that inspires and equips others get out and stay out of debt and learn to live within their means.

She and her family dug out of $50,000+ in debt in 2 1/2 years and now she teaches others to do the same both online at and through her first book, Pocket Your Dollars: 5 Attitude Changes That Will Help You Pay Down Debt, Avoid Financial Stress, and Keep More of What You Make (Bethany House, 2013).

Corporations like General Mills and Cargill invite Carrie to provide financial wellness education. Civic groups, mom’s groups and churches enjoy Carrie’s down-to-earth, right-sized approach to personal finance. Likewise, local and national media invite Carrie to educate their audience with relevant money-saving advice.

Regardless of the venue, Carrie consistently hears feedback that she’s an engaging and funny public speaker, organizes information in ways that are easy-to-follow, and is inspirational. Stories roll in of families that have thrived during extended unemployment, succeeded in buying a house as a result of their reduced household expenses and experienced peace in their marriage as money hasn’t been as tight as a direct result of Carrie Rocha’s influence.

What Others Are Saying

Carrie consistently hears feedback that she is an engaging and funny speaker who right-sizes complicated information, making it easy-to-digest. Here are some comments from attendees and event coordinators where Carrie has spoken:

“An energetic, fun presentation from Carrie that made us laugh AND got us to think about ways to change our financial lives for the better.” — A church event coordinator

“The folks here at Uponor greatly enjoyed your Pocket Your Dollars seminar a few months back, and we would LOVE to bring you back for part 2…” –A Corporate event coordinator

“Ms. Rocha provided a sincere, informative and entertaining presentation and she could have probably continued longer than an hour. ” — A grateful attendee

“Had the opportunity to hear you speak this past Monday at the Methodist Church. YOU are truly a gifted speaker! Having heard many in my life, I can honestly say your engaging personality, with just the right amount of wit and humor, made the perfect foil to a subject most of us cringe when even thinking about, let alone speak about. Thanks for giving all of us the tools and hard-won insight to go forth and work on our own budgets and lifestyle choices. My sister in law (who attended with me) and I have been comparing notes all week on things we’re working on in our own homes to make the changes necessary to reach our goals. Many thanks! Pam” — An event attendee

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